About Joe Pairman

I work with structured content and semantic technology, leading the consulting and professional services team at Mekon. I’ve been helping people communicate better since 2000, from presentation and writing skills coaching in multinational corporations to enterprise information architectures and content models.

A particular professional area I've developed is taskonomy: creating a taxonomy of user goals to help readers get to the exact content to suit their goal. (This process improves the content quality too.) I've also created new visualization techniques, got into the weeds with concurrent content development issues, helped many organizations adopt DITA XML, and shown others why it wouldn't suit their particular situation.

I lived in Taiwan for 12 years, but I’m now back in the UK, living near London with my wife Vivian and my daughters Claire (born 2013), and Elizabeth (born 2014).

Resources that I like

Thought-provoking resources on an effective and undersung writing style, and on what "a style" in writing should mean in the first place:
Clear and Simple as the Truth: Writing Classic Prose

Strategy isn't what most people think it is, according to Richard Rumelt (which raises interesting questions for Content Strategy):
Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

This book on the Semantic Web and Linked Data is useful for anyone in structured content, and it's surprisingly easy to read:
Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist


Content Experience Influencer Top 25

I was very happy to be in this top 25 list, especially given that many of the others in the list are people I've followed and learned from since I started in structured content. The award is based on peer voting and judging. It's given to people who do innovative work in the field and who share their work with others in presentations, articles and so on. Get the whole list here.